How to Tackle Child Kidnapping and Trafficking Crimes

Child kidnapping and trafficking crimes are amongst the worst in the world. These are the sorts of crimes that typically entail the total destruction of the victims’ lives. These are heartless crimes, to say the least.

Having appreciated just how bad child kidnapping and trafficking crimes are, the question that arises is as to how such crimes can be tackled. And I have several insights in this regards: that is, insights on how child kidnapping and trafficking crimes can be tackled.

traffiking crimes

One way (in fact, I dare say, the main way) in which child kidnapping and trafficking crimes can be tackled is by enhancing intelligence capabilities in this area. The idea is to use intelligence agencies to sniff out the people who are involved in the child kidnapping and trafficking crimes, and then bringing such people to book. It would, of course, be naïve to assume that this will be easy. True, the sniffing part can be easy enough for any reasonably good intelligence agency, but the bit about bringing the perpetrators to light can be a little tricky. This is because the perpetrators of these (typically) transnational crimes often turn out to be very powerful, very well-connected individuals and syndicates. So having sniffed out such a syndicate, security agents may recommend the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators to the ‘government’, only for the perpetrators to turn out to be amongst the so-called ‘owners of the government’.

Thankfully, there are also (simpler) measures that parents can put in place, to minimize the chances of their kids being kidnapped and trafficked. These include measures like ensuring that kids don’t stray too far from home. There is also the aspect of ensuring that the kids are well educated on the danger signs to watch out for and how to call out for help. Finally, there is the need to ensure that the kids are well provided for, so that they are not easily enticed with small gifts.

The loopholes in the immigration system that the child kidnappers and traffickers take advantage of also need to be closed, if at all we are to be successful in tackling child kidnapping and trafficking crimes.