How To Prevent Child Kidnapping

Child kidnapping happens when the child is being removed from the person with the legal custody of such child. Through some orientation and ongoing guidance, you can lessen the chances letting such thing to happen to your child. As a parent, you can teach your children in a way that will not leave them anxious or fearful.

  1. Orient your child with the use of scenarios

The initial step you can do is to discuss the probable dangers than can be encountered by your child outside your premise. You can use some scenarios for the child to understand better. An example is a scenario about strange gift. It is where a certain stranger will approach and will offer some gifts to the child like candy. Tell your children to politely decline the gift and will strictly not provide any information like their names and home address. Yet, you can add your information when you register at shaw mail sign in.

Another scenario, if a certain stranger will grab or drag them away. They should struggle constantly and shout for help as loud as they can. You can start with some common scenarios and the do some practice with your child. At the end of each scenario, you have to discuss or explain to your child the reasons why she/he needs to have such reaction and emphasized to them how important to follow those instructions. It is vital to clearly check the directions in setting up your account using shaw email.

  1. Constant Communication

Always keep the communication line of your child open. And also your child’s friends, school and family. Ask your child to always ask permission or say goodbye when leaving. And, keep your child’s teacher informed who is going to pick up your (1)

  1. You should take advantage of latest technology

You can provide your child a cell phone. If your child notices some suspicious person, tell your child to pretend that she/he is talking with someone over the phone like parents.

  1. Be friendly with neighbors whom you believe can be trusted

Your child can have an option to run to your neighbor, if there is stranger pursuing your child.You can assure your child is in a safer place and is near to your house.